Get Involved

imageThe best way to get involved in urban parks, trails and greenspaces issues is to join one of the numerous "friends" organizations that have sprung up throughout the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region. For a listing of these groups, see the latest version of the Urban Natural Resources Directory produced by the Audubon Society of Portland. This directory lists all non-profit organizations (large and small), all agencies, watershed councils and friends groups that are engaged in urban greenspaces issues.

The Audubon Society of Portland has a comprehensive web site for its FAUNA community outreach effort that will provide you with up-to-the minute information on hearings and other policy related issues related to fish and wildlife habitat and urban natural resources.

The Coalition for a Livable Future has an informative and timely list serve that goes to its more than 70 member organizations and interested individuals. The CLF is a coalition of affordable housing advocates; transit advocates; urban designers; food-policy advocates; parks, trails and greenspace advocates; and growth-management specialists.

If you have ideas for how you might contribute to the Urban Greenspaces Institute's mission directly, please send us your ideas.